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1779 - 1866 Captain Warren Delano - Fairhaven

Many members of the Delano family in the United States, descended from Philippe de la Noye who arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621, were involved in the New England sea trade. Captain Warren Delano, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's great-grandfather, was a sea captain and ship owner who sailed from Fairhaven, Massachusetts. He and his first wife, Deborah Perry Church (1783-1827), had the following children:

Warren II 1809-1898
Frederick A. 1811-1857
Franklin Hughes 1813-1893
Louisa Church 1816-1846
Edward 1818-1881
Deborah Perry 1820-1846
Sarah Alvey 1822-1880
Susan Maria 1825-1841


1809 - 1898 Warren Delano II - Algonac

Warren Delano II, President Roosevelt's grandfather, born July 13, 1809 in Fairhaven, also embarked upon a maritime career. In 1833 he sailed to China as supercargo on board the Commerce bound for Canton Company. In January 1840 he became a partner in the house of Russell and Company, also of Canton. During the Opium War, Warren remained in Canton and Macao, serving as acting counsul for the United States. In 1843 he returned to the United States where he married Catherine Robbins Lyman (a daughter of Judge Joseph Lyman of Massachusetts). Shortly thereafter the couple departed for Macao and remained there until 1846. After returning to the United States, the Delanos lived in New York until 1851, when they moved to "Algonac" near Newburgh, New York. At this time Warren's financial interests were settled in real estate and mining. During the panic of 1857 Delano suffered severe financial losses and in 1859 he returned to China to refresh his fortune. His family, which included the President's mother, Sara, joined him in Hong Kong in 1862, returning to the United States after the civil War. Warren Delano died at "Algonac" on January 17, 1898, nearly two years after the death of his wife Catherine on February 10, 1896.

Susan Maria 1844-1846
Louise Church 1846-1869
Deborah (Dora) Perry 1847-1940
Annie Lyman 1849-1926
Warren 1850-1851
Warren III 1852-1920
Sara 1854-1941
Philippe deLannoy 1857-1881
Katharine (Kassie) Robbins 1860-1953
Frederic Adrian 1863-1953
Laura Franklin 1864-1884


1849 Steen Valatje

Warren's brother, Franklin Hughes Delano, born July 27, 1813, became a partner in the New York shipping firm of Grinnell, Minturn and Company in January 1839. In September 1844 he married Laura Astor (a daughter of William Backhouse Astor and granddaughter of John Jacob Astor). As a wedding present the couple received a portion of William Backhouse Astor's "Rokeby" estate near Barrytown, New York; their house called "Steen Valetje" was constructed there around 1850. Franklin H. Delano was involved in many financial ventures with his brothers Warren, Frederick, and Edward; he also had control over a large piece of property in the city of New York which his wife had inherited. He served as Consul for Chile at New York from 1840 until 1851 when he resigned that office and also retired as an active partner in Grinnell, Minturn and Company. He and his wife traveled to Europe that year; they later spent much of their time in Italy and Monte Carlo. Franklin H. Delano died in Monte Carlo in December 1893; Laura died there in 1902.


1852 - 1920 Warren Delano III

Franklin's nephew, Warren Delano III, who inherited "Steen Valetje' in 1894, was born at "Algonac" in 1852. After graduating from Harvard University in 1874 he joined the management of the Union Mining Company at Mt. Savage, Maryland. In the summer of 1876 he married Jennie Walters of Baltimore. Warren III had many- mining, banking and railroad interests; as a hobby be bred horses at "Steen Valetje". He was killed on September 9, 1920 when his horse ran into the path of an oncoming train at Barrytown, New York. At the time of his death, Delano was a director of the Union Mining Company, President of the Delano Coal Company, and Chairman of the Board of the Vinton Colliery Company.

Warren Delano IV 1877-1882
Lyman Delano 1883-1944
Ellen Walters Delano - 1884-1976
Laura Franklin Delano 1885-1972
Jean Walters Delano 1889-1953
William Walters Delano 1892
Sara Delano 1894-1984



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